Jim Ferrie / Studiodawgs Productions
Jimmy The Dog

All MP3's are 256kbps

Heartland Rock/Americana, inspired by the sounds of Tom Petty, Chris Isaak, Uncle Tupelo, Bruce Springsteen... and a twist of country ....and stories of cowboys, desert, rattlesnakes, hoe-downs, lost love, the American Dream, hard work, determination, thankfulness -
you get the picture!
The 'rocky' side of Americana, not the 'country' side.

1: Every Waking Minute
2: Dream of my own
3: Oh Darlene
4: If this old horse could talk
5: Goodbye Old Friend
6: Go Rabbit!
7: Lipstick'n'Lumberjack
8: Ten Thousand Miles
9: Pass it on
10: Backpackin'
11: The things we never said
12: Hot Hot August Night
13: Too late
14: Predator
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