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Studiodawgs albums available for streaming and download Posted: Apr 6, 2018

The following albums on the Studiodawgs label and distributed by Distrokid are available at the online stores or streaming services below:

Jimmy The Dog - "Runnin' with the Pack" (released 2016)
Mark Sharp - "Good Love" (released 2016)
Jimmy The Dog - "New Tricks" (released 2014)
Jimmy The Dog - "Jimmy The Dog" (released 2013)

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Recent licensing Posted: Mar 29, 2017

Confession; I've neglected updating the news on this site as I've been working on my more immediate sites, such as www.jimmythedog.com - my apologies. More good news on the licensing front; Many of my tracks are under consideration with Netflix as well as various music libraries. This is encouraging as I took a couple of years out for live performance which resulted in a couple of major summer festival appearances, including Standon Calling (July 2016) near Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire, England on the same bill as major label heavyweights Jess Glynne, Kelis and Suede. Plus, I recorded and produced a new album, Jimmy The Dog's "Runnin' With The Pack". There are some more live appearances booked for this year, but back to the studio now for those drones, cues and film backing tracks.

Another track licensed! Posted: Jul 5, 2012

It had been a while. A hiatus in recording, necessitated by paid employment and a desire to get back to performing live. Since my last ...news', the following has happened;

A new song of mine, "If this old horse could talk", was played on BBC Radio Ulster's "The Late Show with Kim Lenaghan" on 31st May. Another of my ...silly' instrumentals, "Elephants on Mars" was licensed by Song & Film Inc. for use in programming with a major Cable TV network. I moved to London. I joined a prog-rock band from Reading called Solar. And I got back to gigging for a while before I decided to dust off Ableton live and start doing some more composing and recording.

Have a listen to acoustic cowboy-story song "If this old horse....", the big-production video-game instrumental "Unseen" and the Tom Petty-esque heartland rocker "Dream of my own" for starters. And if you can make it on this coming Sunday to the Caversham Festival, I'd love to see ya!

A very merry Xmas to you all Posted: Dec 23, 2011

Well, it's been a year of change to say the least; some things went well, some things I'd rather not go into but overall, a testing year for me. And I'm still alive and kicking. I decided to concentrate on getting back to earning a real living and now I'm back living in London - in Chiswick to be exact, a very bohemian quarter - and having just moved there a couple of weeks ago, I'm more than pleasantly surprised to find that I'm surrounded by musicians and artists.

I started off in Milton Keynes, which helped me get back on my feet financially. I payed off debts and bought a car. But the place was almost devoid of live music. I moved to Reading for work and hooked up with some old musical acquaintances. I started playing out again, doing open mic nights (which I love) and playing acoustic gigs at the Global Cafe on Southampton Street, The Butler, The Retreat and the Deja Vu bar. But I was so busy with day-job hours and work commitments that I only wrote one song the whole year and recorded none. Anyway, by that time, I had long decided to get back out to performing my own music live and I met a lot of new, very good live performers and made new friends. Check out Jack Cade, Jodie O' Callaghan, Carl Komuro, Jimmy Corrigan (whose real name is Catherine Brooks)for starters. And I hooked up again with Rob Sowden and I played some keyboards on demo tracks for other artists. It was all going well until work at my day-job ran out and I moved to London and a new contract there. And I found two excellent open mic nights very local to where I live.

It's been a trying, but profitable year and I'm very much looking forward to 2012 - and making more music...and making it even better!

I wish you all a very happy Xmas and a very prosperous 2012.

Gigs Posted: Jun 29, 2011

Upcoming acoustic gigs:

Friday 1st July, Deja Vu, St. Mary's Butts, Reading. 9pm onwards

Sunday 10th July, "Boho in the Park", Forbury Gardens, Reading. Open Air gig with other artists. From 2pm

Sunday 17th July, Caversham Beer Festival, Christchurch Meadows, Caversham, Reading. From 12 noon to 8 pm

Been a long time....... Posted: Apr 26, 2011

So, I finally put up some acoustic numbers I recorded last October. Listen and enjoy "Oh Darlene", "So much for love" and the re-write of "Part of me". I'm quite proud of my production on these fresh but very tight tracks, especially as all I used was a cheap Cort acoustic guitar, an Apogee One (USB interface with built-in mic) and bass notes from the Ableton Live library. The only keyboard I used was the one on my Mac and I even 'drew' the electronic notes in one-at-a-time for "Part of me", rather than play them. Ah!, new production tricks up my sleeve. Why so long in getting round to it...?

Paid employment became urgent and the matter of creating and recording music had to put on the back-burner once again. Working with Mike at Tinman taught me a lot, especially about attention to detail in production and the essentials of recording quality vocals and I'll be forever greatful for my time there. So, back I went to old Blighty, back to my old profession to start life anew. Off to a modern, prosperous English town, a place of bounty where money was plentiful if traded for hard work and long hours, but soul was scarce. Needs must when the Devil drives and he was certainly turbocharged at the tail end of last year! But, not one to say "die" I held my own in difficult times and now once more have some money in my pocket, a car and a new full-time contract.

I haven't given up the dream, only shifted the emphasis slightly in an effort to find a user-friendly equilibrium, that which minimises the stresses of financial worry and maximises the flow of the creative juices. It's difficult to stay on top of your game if the equilibrium is out of whack. I took a moment and tried to see the good that was all around me.

Last year, I did manage to get two instrumental tracks licensed to a major cable TV network in the USA and earlier this year, friends of mine, Mags McClure & Andy Machin (from San Clemente, California) kindly split the performance royalty contract of a cover track they invited me to play piano on.

As the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for" and I longed to be back in the music scene again, but I still needed the stability of a full-time contract and lo! - I suddenly, recently, found myself back in Reading, Berkshire, a town awash with live music, open mics. and after a six year absence, I was reunited with old fellow musos and creatives. It felt like a homecoming.

It's been nearly 9 months since I last scribbled a lyric, last played a gig (at The John Hewitt in Belfast), last touched a keyboard or a guitar. For the last 9 months, I've pushed music to the back of my mind in order to maintain. I survived the winter. There's an open mic. on tomorrow night and I'm gonna go there and open up the old, frozen pipes again. Maybe now Spring has come at last. Who knows, pen might also "spring" to paper once again......

The Big Night In with Ian and Em, 4 June ’10, AlgarveFM 91.8fm Posted: Jun 5, 2010

Well, I must say that’s been one of the most pleasant radio experiences of my musical life. Ian and Emma were great, totally professional and kept the whole thing engaging and light. Before I got to the radio station, Ian had started to play records by some of my favourite artists announcing my name before every track so that the radio audience were primed for my on-air spot. We had a good laugh, told a few funnies talked about songwriting and home recording generally and I played “Pick me up” live on air. Ian played my tracks “Go Rabbit!”, “5th Avenue”, “Time of my Life” and “When I’m dead (and in my grave)”. And apparently, people were listening on the station’s internet player as far away as Seattle, Washington. Thanks very much Ian and Emma for being so welcoming and pro. Check them out at www.algarvefm.pt

On the Radio again, 4th June '10 Posted: May 30, 2010

Well, long time no see! It's been made painfully aware to me that I need to make more of an effort than just one or two posts a year. So here i am fulfilling this great intention!

I'll be on AlgarveFM 91.8fm on "The Big Night In", Friday evening 4th June from 8-9pm GMT. I'll be discussing songwriting and production with Ian Reddin, playing a few tracks from my CD "Amazing" and performing one or two songs live as time permits.

During the last month, Kim and I went to the Derry Jazz Festival in Northern Ireland and afterwards to Belfast's Cathedral Quarter Arts festival. Acts I would recommend are The Jive Aces, Martin Taylor (the British Jazz Guitarist), Ex-Stone Bill Wyman and his Rhythm Kings, jazz diva Claire Martin (no relation to Martin). We also saw Sly and Robbie - a chance in a lifetime gig - and although they were very tight, the gig got monotonous and I got bored after 20 minutes.

I've now collected all my winnings from Broadjam for coming 7th overall and 2nd in the 6th can element and I'm looking forward to playing with my new toys.

I've also started to work as House Engineer at Tinman Studios at Silves in the Algarve of Portugal and am writing with Ivor Novello Award winner and hit songwriter Mike Myers. Watch this space for more news of thigs exciting development!

Also, you may notice I've turned off the Guestbook facility, as this site is continually assailed by "Viagra" sellers. Now listen you spammer guys, I don't need that or any other pills. So, go on, get a real job!

If you're a genuine visitor, please accept my apologies, but feel free to go to my Broadjam link and leave a message or comment there.

There. That's it for the moment.

best to you all,


BBC Airplay ........and hello again, long time no see... Posted: Jul 29, 2009

"Bombardier's Moon" was given an airing on The late Show with Kim Lenaghan, BBC Radio Ulster on 20th July in a special Late Night Show to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing. The song was placed between Sting's "Moon over Bourbon Street" and Tom Waits' "Grapefruit Moon". I was very pleased with myself, I can tell you!

Also, earlier in 2009 I was cited as a semi-finalist in the Dallas Songwriters Association contest and won the Broadjam Lyric of the Month in June with a little folk song called "Pick me up".

Since my last news, the band's (sic) been renamed and a pile more songs uploaded. I hope you like them. Give us some feedback!

Oh, and if you're a 'pharmaceutical' seller, please don't fill my guestbook with 'pill sales'. This is a music site and is there to be enjoyed by everyone. If had I needed those pills, I would have been using them long before now.

New tracks..... Posted: Aug 25, 2008

Hey! Check out our session with BBC's Kim Lenaghan on vocal duo with Jim in "When I'm dead (and in my grave) - a wee fun song about the thrills of, ahem, marriage.
Our first ever orchestral (OK it was all software garageband stuff and a USB keyboard, really) in resulted in "Newfoundland Shore" and the Dire Straits-esque "People of the lie". More in the pipeline. As always....enjoy!!

Upstate New York Song Contest Posted: Jul 10, 2008

We won 1st place in the "Gospel/Inspirational" category in this wee contest with our 6/8 time "Call your name" which was 'gospel' enough to win without actually mentioning the word "God" in the lyric. A small win - $200, but still not to be sniffed at and glad to have racked up this, our first win of the year.

Also, a couple of new tracks for your delectation. Dance Dance Dance and Pig-in-the-middle. Both funky, both danceable. Enjoy!

4th Belfast Nashville Songwriter's Festival, 20-24 Feb 08 Posted: Mar 1, 2008

Recently returned from Ireland. Another successful BNSF last week, probably the best so far. Kim Lenaghan invited me to the BBC studios to meet songwriting giants Nanci Griffith, Don Schlitz (who wrote "The Gambler"), Pat Alger and Ricky Ross (of Deacon Blue). I had Ralph Murphy (VP of ASCAP and hit songwriter himself) rip one of my songs (Bombardier's Moon) apart at the songwriting seminar series and my homework was to re-write it and demo it to him, Pat Alger and Don Schlitz. I must have done it right as Ralph gave me the thumbs up on the rewrite and the other two seemed to think it was okay too. It was quite something to demo in front of these guys. Like in previous years, the atmosphere was relaxed enough that you could have a drink with these guys afterwards.

One of the highlights for me was to meet and talk with Benny Gallagher (pop-hit writer, fellow Ayrshire man and one half of Gallagher & Lyle) who gave tons of great advice, then go for a pint with him and listen to some more. Post-gig Saturday night was spent in Dukes Hotel in Belfast drinking with Benny, Dougie MacLean, Ricky Ross, Ralph Murphy, Nanci Griffith, Anneka Fehling, Tobias Froberg - some of the most approachable 'known' people you could ever meet - along with local artists Ben Glover, Janet Holmes, Tony McLaughlin and a whole pile of other folks hell bent on having a good time. Needless to say, Kim and I were a bit worse for wear on Sunday!

The finale on Sunday produced some great acts including local songwriters Anthony Toner, Dominic O'Neill (of The Delawares), Swedish artists Tobias Froberg and Anneka Fehling and new Canadian star (and winner of last year's USA songwriting contest) Victoria Banks among others.

Colin Magee and his good lady Anne Coulter did a wonderful job of organising this year's festival (as did BBC's Kim Lenaghan and her team in interviewing the stars and giving it a plug) and I can confidently say that this festival is going from strength to strength and will be well worth a visit next year.

While you're at our site, check out two new tracks - the progressive ballad 'Through the loins' den' and the bluesy 'Still in love with you'.


Happy New Year ....and more 2007 wins! Posted: Jan 9, 2008

One more creative year up ahead folks ad we're looking forward to giving you all something special. Since the last posting, we've won the Broadjam 2007 6-pack "Location, Location, Location" contest element (which has netted us some cool equipment) and we were genre winners in the IFI Music song contest, regularly being played on the internet station Idobi radio. 2007 was a great year for us musically and we're working to build on it. We'll keep yaz posted!


Now starring on Acidplanet.com!! - plus more successes Posted: Aug 29, 2007

"The Jim Ferrie Remix Contest" was launched yesterday on www.acidplanet.com! Acidplanet is Sony's remixer software site for DJ's and loop-based software musicians/producers. The track "One on One" was chosen as material for samples to be used by contestants in the September contest. This is great news for The Dawgs and hopefully the word will spread.

Also, 6 entries out of 7 we put up for the UK Songwriting Contest 2007 were chosen for the semi finals, with another song being 'Highly Commended', just failing to get into the semis.

IAMA Success!!! Posted: Feb 2, 2007

Just announced, we've made it to the finals of the International Acoustic Music Awards 2007 with our track 'Skimmin' stones (down by the river)' in the Folk Category. Outright winners to be announced on 7th February. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for a great year, Broadjam! Posted: Feb 2, 2007

A greta big thanks to all Broadjam members for giving us such a great, chart-filled 2006!

Last year, we had 19 different tracks in 11 different genre/sub-genre 'Top Tens', an Earth 'Top Ten' No.2, and won two contests. Sincere thanks to all reviewers for your contirbution, comments and advice.

Winner - Song of the Month!...and Music Aid too!!! Posted: Dec 20, 2006




....ALSO....MUSIC AID INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARDS - RUNNER-UP (ITALY) BEST SONGWRITER CATEGORY! (although they've billed me as "Jim Perrie"...yes, with a P). Check it out at www.musicaidawards.com

Also, check out our alternative Christmas tracks on the songs list - London style.....ain't like no other, that's for sure.

Big Broadjam success today........ Posted: Nov 23, 2006

We've currently 7 different tracks in 7 different Broadjam genre/sub-genre Top Tens at the current positions, although some have been in their respective top tens for a few weeks. They are;

Wickedly Delicious (Pop-Europop, No.8)
Skimmin' stones (Folk-Contemporary, No.5)
Oignons (Folk-Alternative, No.9)
Happy Birthday! (Unique-Holidays, No.6) - new in today!
The more that you love (Rock-Religious, No.5)
Tomorrow will be (Rock-Gothic, No.10)
Mary McGee (World-Celtic, No.9)

and "A friend in need" went out of the Rock-Roots/Rock'n'roll Top Ten (where it had been for about a month) yesterday - had it stayed in that would have made eight tracks in eight different categories!

Also, "Skimmin' stones" and "The more that you love" are both currently in the Southern Europe (regional) Top Ten.

A big thank you to all the Broadjam reviewers that helped put us in there. Much appreciated.

How to buy a track..... Posted: Oct 30, 2006

Click above!

October chart successes.... Posted: Oct 30, 2006

At Broadjam.com, during this month, we've had 6 songs in 11 Top Tens.
Mary McGee, reached No.6 in World-Celtic,
Hold On, No.6 in Pop-Europop,
The more that you love No.2 in Rock-Religious and No.2 in Southern Europe
A friend in need No.1 in Rock-roots/rock'n'roll, No. 10 in Rock, No. 7 in Europe, No. 1 in Southern Europe and No. 6 in Production, Up-Tempo
Tomorrow will be No.5 in Rock - Gothic
Oignons No.10 in Folk - Alternative

Not a bad month!

UK Songwriting Competition 2006 Posted: Aug 16, 2006

OK so I didn't win. But 5 out of the 6 songs I entered achieved a mention in the peer review list and two of them got to the semi-finals in the Folk/Country category - 'Skimmin' stones down by the river' and 'South' It was also nice to see a friend of mine, Mike Rose from Reading, in the list of semi-finalists with two of his songs ('Goldhawk Road' and 'Strong'). Another songwriter friend, Willie Evans from Livingston, also got a mention in the peer review listing.

Puts a smile on my face, this does!

Congratulations to the overall winner, Nicola Philo from England.


WOMAD !!! Posted: Jul 31, 2006

I had some business to do in Reading, England last weekend and it just so happened that it coincided with the three-day WOMAD (World Of Music Art and Dance) festival at the Rivermead, down by the Thames. It's the first time I'd been and it was wall-to-wall music with a great selection of top live artists from around the world. One unexpected event for me was that....I GOT TO PLAY!!!!!! I managed to get on stage at the Sunday morning Open Mic event and managed to get off two minutes worth of 'South' on vocals and borrowed electro-acoustic. I didn't win. BUT I GOT TO PLAY AT WOMAD!! There were about fifteen or so performers and a good deal of talent on display.

A big thanks to my mate Jason Manners, one of the WOMAD scheduled performers, who loaned me his guitar.

Wow. That's one for the CV!!

Italian gigs and the stars.............. Posted: Jul 23, 2006

Although I haven't been gigging since I moved to Milan, I have had the opportunity to see top artists perform in rural settings instead of the usual large theatre or stadium. Artists love to play summer open-air settings in the Italian Lakes area in Lombardy in the warmth and stunning scenery. This year, the Andare alla Musica festival brought some big names in folk music from the UK and Ireland and beyond. I went to see my friend, Irish contemporary folkster John Spillane, play a gig to about 200 people in a winery in Villongo (how civilised is that?) and he introduced me to Gianluigi (GG) Bresciana, the sole promoter for this series of free-entry gigs, where the bill is foooted by the local council. This is the norm all over Italy with frequent free concerts by well-known professional acts for the entertainment of the locals and the tourists alike.

If you've never seen John live, try to do so. He's one of the most individual, yet engaging performers I've ever seen. John, GG and I had a pint and a pizza after John's gig and GG invited me to see Steeleye Span in Zanica on Saturday night and Donovan on in Sarnico on Sunday. Steeleye were brilliant. I've rarely heard a 5-piece harmony so tight. Maddy Prior, the sole remaining original member still has that same English folk voice that took that nation back to its roots over 30 years ago. The new guitarist for this 'revival' tour is Ken Nicol, a long-standing session guitarist par excellence, who is largely an unknown to the general public but is regarded by guitarists in the genre to be in the same ranking as Mark Knopfler and Richard Thompson. I spoke to him after the gig and he said he loved playing in Italy. They had three dates, then back to the UK for the 'reunion' tour.

Next night, arriving at the Villa Facciano outside of Sarnico for the Donovan gig, GG directed me to the second row of reserved seats, told me to tell the security guy I was a music journalist from the USA and said he'd see me later. Puting on my best 'Yankee', I took position just below centre stage and managed to shoot some stills and some video footage of the 'Glaswegian Bob Dylan' and 60's icon. After the show, as a 'privileged member of the press', I introduced myself to him in the vernacular and he and he welcomed this "oh, someone from the Old Country!" and he and I had a drink and a chat in the lovely grounds of the Villa Facciano. He told me about his love of Italian architecture and familiy-centred culture, which exists still in Italy much in the way he remembered it as a kid. We spoke, among other things, about the Scots tongue in contemporary folk music and his love of all things Celtic in culture. I'd never met him before, but he's a very sincere man and will give you his time. He is fiercely intelligent, genuinely interested in what you have to say and wears very well for his 60 years. On stage, he's very engaging. He's the world's most successful International busker. There were about 1000 people there to see his outdoor gig and although most of them couldn't speak English, they all knew the words to most of his songs! As a songwriter, he is master of 'the hook' and I'm sure his commercial success during the 60's and 70's is in no small part due to this. It's amazing that people who weren't born when he started to wane from the music scene all those years ago - and 'foreigners' at that - knew his songs. Now, with the release of all his back catalogue on CD's, he's back and on tour with an upright bass player and a percussionist to keep the whole thing acoustic.

Anyway, we spent about 10 minutes chatting, with other invitees joining in. I did the usual 'photo opportunity with a star' thing (see photos page), gave him a business card, thanked him for a great gig and left - to join a 15km traffic jam, which meant I didn't get home until after 3am! But I didn't let this spoil the evening. This is one very pleasant memory I'll keep.

Going up the charts Posted: Mar 23, 2006

Today, 'Always play for you' went up to number 2 in the Broadjam Earth Top Ten!

That Belfast Nashville thing............. Posted: 18th March 2006

I have to say that this song festival exceeded all the expectations I had about it in any way. I turned up for my first gig at The Potthouse in Belfast last month to find out that BBC Radio Ulster had been playing 'Mary McGee' a few times the week before and that reports (all good I have to say) about my song had appeared in two Belfast newspapers. As my prize for winning the contest(the Avalon Gold Series acoustic) wasn't available when I arrived, I had to borrow Niall Toner's old guitar to play the song in front of 200+ people. I did a sound check then got whisked away by Chris Spurr and Liam Logan of BBC Northern Ireland to have a ten-minute radio interview in Scots, my mother tongue, before being presented with my award plaque from Continental Airlines. My performance was filmed for potential TV and archive.

All credit to Colin Magee and his wife Anne Coulter for expertly organising the second Belfast Nashville Songwriter Festival and attracting, with the aid of top-level sponsorship, top class grammy award-winners from Nashville and L.A. There were so many workshops and gigs arranged that you couldn't possibly have gone to all of them. I can't express in words how privileged I felt taking part in workshops with Steve Seskin, David Olney, Kevin Welch, Dave Gibson and Gary Nicholson (who incidentally, sat with me for a good 20 minutes showing me a few open tuning techniques for Blues). Also, what a privilege it was for me, later in the week, to share a stage with Ireland's 2-times Meteor Award winner John Spillane (what a man!) and 70's supergroup 10CC's multiple grammy winner Graham Gouldman, best known for 10cc's 1976 megahit 'I'm not in love', the most-played ballad on radio, even today.

All of these people put their art before commercialism. They were helpful, down to earth and sociable. Few of them have had it easy. It was a very different approach from that taken at the Taxi Road Rally last November, but then that was about the business of music as opposed to songwriting as an artform. The one guy I never got to see, except at the bar, was Jason Blume, hit songwriter for Britney Spears among other current big artists. Apparently his approach is strictly commercial - and that's why he's a multi-millionaire!

The workshops were generally of a freeform nature, starting off with a song or two, then the 'stars' opening up to questions. Delegates ranged in number from about 7 to 35 in any workshop, which gave the workshops an 'up close and personal' feel. Scottish songwriter Willie Evans, Irish poet Francis Donnelly and myself went about a lot together doing different bars in Belfast. The 'craic' was great everywhere we went. We even ended up in one of the delegates'(Fionulla's) house doing music-in-the-round till 3am! I was never in bed before 4.30am when I was in Belfast.

The social life was great. Most people these days still associate Belfast with the 'Troubles' of the recent past and sectarian violence. If you've never been to Belfast, you'd be amazed at how genuinely friendly and welcoming the people are. There's live traditional music being played in bars at almost any time of the day and many young people are proficient with traditional instruments like the mandolin and fiddle. Francis and myself went out to dinner with Mark Selby and Tia Sillers (who I'd met last year in L.A.), writers of the Dixie Chick's hit 'There's Your Trouble', then went out for a pint with the John Spillane, a decent man as original and entertaining as they come. Later, we went to an illicit club popular with young people that played a whole gammut of ska, reggae and 60's soul and us two 40-something's danced with 18 year old girls until 5am. Life in the old dog yet!

I had to leave a day early due to work commitments and apparently the last day's gigs were superb. I'd already seen expert performances by most of the 'stars', including the technically-excellent Selby, so I didn't come away feeling that I was missing out. Before I left on the Saturday, Colin and Anne said that anytime I wanted to come to Belfast, they would always make me welcome. I'm going back next year for definite! And I got my Avalon before I left - and what a beauty she is. And again a big thank you to Niall Toner (Ireland's king of bluegrass country and a genuinely nice fella) for giving me a loan of his guitar.

I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I fully appreciated the difference between winning and coming second. Had I not won, I would never have been there for that wonderful experience. Yes, winning is important. When you win, you get treated like a winner.

Photos and the video (I hope) will be uploaded in due course.

What a blast. Can't wait 'til next year.


Finally done it!!!! Posted: Mar 15, 2006

We've finally done it on Broadjam! Our first entry into the prestigious Broadjam Earth Top Ten at no. 5 with 'Always Play for You'. Today, it's also No. 1 in the European, Rock, Ballads, Rock - Easy Listening, Male Vocals and Southern Europe Top Tens as well as No. 6 in the Fan Picks (Male) Top Ten, joining our other chart-hitter 'Your laughter and your smile', currently No. 5 in the Pop-Classic Top Ten. Sincere thanks from the both of us to everyone who gave us good marks. We really appreciate it. Now you can listen to more of our stuff. Why not email this page to a friend?

More about the Belfast Nashville Songwriter's Festival 2006 later.

Jim and Joseph Ferrie

Winner; NSAI/Panarts Belfast-Nashville Songwriter´s Contest Posted: Jan 6, 2006

Happy New Year! I was informed yesterday (Jan. 5th) by Colin Magee of Panarts, organisers of the Belfast-Nashville Songwriter´s Festival that my song ´Mary McGee´ has won the Belfast-Nashville Songwriter´s Contest. So I´m off to Belfast on 22nd. February to perform the song in front of hit songwriters, producers and the general public in Belfast at the Potthouse, supporting US grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Gary Nicholson. The song has also entered the Broadjam (World) charts at No.6. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

The Festival comprises 7 professional gigs and 15 songwriters' workshops, all conducted by grammy and other award-winning professionals. All this for a total sum of 40 UK pounds (yes, that's right: except for me 'coz I get to go free!) which is exceptional value for this level of instruction, hints and tips from the mouths of the very horses themselves. If you're serious about songwriting, particularly in the Pop and Country genres, get yourself to Belfast 22nd - 26th February. You can purchase your all-inclusive tickets from Colin Magee (Director, Panarts) by clicking on www.panarts.org.uk or calling him on 02890 584022 (UK) or +44 2890 584022 (Eire & overseas).


Taxi Road Rally, November 2005 Posted: Dec 29, 2005

Season´s greeting to you all!

If you´re serious about pursuing music either as a performer, writer or producer, you´d be well advised to attend the Taxi Road Rally in Hollywood every year. This year was my first. It was an absolute blast! It´s four days of panels, seminars and socialising with industry professionals and other musos from all over the world. I won´t bang on about it here - you can visit the Taxi website - other than to say that it was one of the most informative and fun times I ever had in my life. I had dinner with Tia Sillers and Mark Selby - two of Nashville´s biggest grammy award winners (whom I, being a European, had never heard of either previously) - and Tia suggested that I write submissions in both English and Ulster-Scots for the Belfast-Nashville Songwriter Expo to be held in Belfast in Feb 2006. So I recorded Love or the Lack (based on a chorus lyric that Tia wrote for me; I ended up using a few of her phrases in my own lyrics, thanks Tia) and Mary McGee at Little Electric Studios in Reading, England (thanks, Dai the Welshman) and submitted them along with Always play for you, which I had recorded earlier in the year.

I was so impressed by the standard of musicianship and stagecraft by the vast majority of Taxi delegates who were forunate enough to get an open mic spot (about 100 lucky performers in total out of 2500 delegates). Some delegates I met already were successful in the music business, but were looking to further their careers through Taxi. On the first night there were more than 1000 people in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel listening to the one-singer-one-song sessions. I was penultimate performer on the first night when there was a stalwart 60 or so remaining and struggled through the jet lag to croak a rendition of my song South (down, down, down).

Love your day job, so they say. Mine pays well, but somewhat removes the opportunity for spontaneous writing and recording, making me discipline myself to managing my writing and recording. It´s also given me the opportunity to play original music at an acoustic evening in The 3B´s in Reading every Thursday night. So, all in all, I can´t complain. Plus I had two songs (Blue and Scribbling and I can´t lie anymore) in five Broadjam charts on Christmas Day, the former a number one in the Unique-unclassified chart!

And finally a big Christmas hello to all the folks I met at the Rally including;
composer Tim Longo from Conneticut, award-winning Canadian singer songwriter Lea Longo (no relation), songwriter and vegan Ben Evans from Wyoming (look out for that grizzly, Ben), specialists in children´s songs Jim´n´Dee Patton, Ron Hock of The Bashers, Damian Hagger of Race Card, Jeff Harrison (Denver´s own Tom Petty), Neil Zimmerman and the vocally amazing Miss Elizabeth Connell from Pairadeux (also Denver), Dr. Robert Wuagneux (we keep sharing the same Broadjam charts), the excellent and very different Laura Hage (a.k.a. thatgirllaura), Chicago´s hard rocker Jeff Senger from Brothers of Another, Geoff and Silvie Taft from Phoenix, humorous songster and Texan Larry Carr, Texan bluegrass songstress and chart-hitter Terri Brinegar, ex-REM violin session player and showstopper extraordinaire Deni Bonet, rockesse Miss Shawn Vougeot, Paris-based Celia Rose from the wonderful Wrapped in Rain, and last but not least, the very sexy, vocally rich and Broadjam no. 1 artist Desiree Baird (a.k.a. Keeniatta) and her producer ´piano man´ Antonello Iacono.

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