Jim Ferrie / Studiodawgs Productions
Betty Boo (2017 version)
Copyright © 2008/2017 Jim Ferrie Music??

See that babe in the tight black dress??
Long and leggy, super-confident, yes?
Face of an angel and a scorpion's sting?
Out-a-town businessmen get suckered in?
She can make a fool outta you!?
Betty Boo??

She's the real deal, boy, and she ain't no spoof?
She's a hot black cat on a cold tin roof?
Sapphires, emeralds, anything Ming?
Hands on your cash man, that's her thing?
Who can make a fool outta you??
Betty Boo

??She'll suck you in and she'll spit you out
?Make you mad, make ya scream and shout
?Hook right into your diamond style?
Hypnotise you with her smile
?Betty Boo??

Got her garter high an' a li'l secret stash?
Where many a fool can part with his cash?
Japanese Jack , he's a "pimpin' joe"?
He takes his share, sends her out for more?
Who can make a fool outta you??
Betty Boo??


Bedroom eyes and perfect thighs?
Ruby lips, man, what a prize!?
Wanna know what she can do??
Betty Boo??

Make you sweat in the blink of an eye?
Break your heart and bleed you dry?
An' if you ain't been with her before she'll?
Always leave you wantin' more?
Betty Boo??

So, hey, get smart and take a listen to me?'
Coz you wallet'll feel what your eyes don't see?
Better think twice, don't do anything rash
?Or ya soon be partin' ways with your cash?
I'll leave up to you - and?
Betty Boo
Lyrics Credits: Jim Ferrie
Music Credits: Jim Ferrie
Producer Credits: Jim Ferrie
Publisher Credits: Jim Ferrie Music
Performance Credits: Jim Ferrie
Story Behind the Song:
A warning about a sexy lady who takes gentlemen for fools....after relieving them of their cash
Song Length: 3:57
Primary Genre: Jazz-Big Band
Secondary Genre: Jazz-Standards
Tempo: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Crime, Theft
Subject Matter 2: Bad Love
Mood 1: Troubled
Similar Artist 1: Brian Setzer Orchestra, The
Similar Artist 2: Michael Buble
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later
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