Jim Ferrie / Studiodawgs Productions
Through a wet windshield
Rattlesnake Love (remix)
Bloodhound (instrumental)
Time of My Life
I Protest! (2017 version)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town/White Christmas
Betty Boo (2017 version)
Rattlesnake (Action movie trailer soundtrack)
Tread Carefully (investigative drone cue)
Ominous Presence (hauntig drone)
The Explanation (tension cue)
Storm on the Horizon (tension cue, button ending)
Cold Cold Call 3 (futuristic)
Digital Sunrise (atmos cue)
Golden (atmos cue)
Dua (dark atmos drone)
Tritt (dark drone)
Odeen (haunting drone)
Stranger In My House
Love or the Lack (2016)
Cross My Heart (and hope to die)
Roll The Credits
Hell (artist:Mark Sharp)
Cold Cold Call 2
Sweet Miami (artist: Mark Sharp)
Docking (atmos cue)
Edging toward the precipice (Orch. Hybrid)
It's getting closer (tension cue)
Marie Celeste in Orbit (tension cue)
Monoton (drone/cue)
Rise to meet me (atmos cue)
The Aftermath (atmos cue)
Last Days of the Garden of Eden
Honey Madelayne (cajun style)
Fire In The Hole
Spellbound and Hellbound
Shangri-La In Pieces
Brother Water
Runnin' With The Pack
Shangri-La In Pieces (instrumental)
Countdown To Love
You're All I Need
Any Minute Now
Alligator Boots Crocodile Smile
Goin' Back To Birmingham
New Tricks
It is what it is
Pony Tail
Booty Beer and Wine
Get Down, Get On Your Knees
Life is a Festival
Roll On
Movin' On Down the Line
Dark Preacher
Bag O' Bones
Goodbye Old Friend
Hot Hot August Night
Every Waking Minute
Too late
The things we never said
Ten Thousand Miles
Unseen (instrumental)
Dream of my own
If this old horse could talk
Pass it on
Part of Me
Oh Darlene
So Much for Love
The Termite Table-Tennis Trophy Victory March (instrumental)
Aint Dead Yet
Playin' in the Key of Relaxation
Minuette for Ectoparasites in Cmajor (instrumental)
Elephants on Mars (instrumental)
Penguin's First Time (instrumental)
Cause and Cure
The Longing (instrumental)
Funky Monkey
Dance into the dawn
Bite down hard
Someone's trying to kill me
Pick me up
Dead Ex-Girlfriend
Asleep at the wheel
Go Rabbit!
J'aime bien Paris!
If you're leaving (say goodbye) (2008 6-pack)
Wanna mess? (instrumental)
Honey Madelayne
When I'm dead (and in my grave) (with Kim Lenaghan)
Pig-in-the-middle (cut down mix)
Bombardier's Moon (2008 re-write)
Into the Lions' Den
Hot Hot August Night
5th Avenue
Time of my life
Deal goin' down
Double D
Babysittin' (Mama said)
Take a leaf out of my book
Wickedly delicious
A friend in need
Skimmin' stones (down by the river)
Always play for you
One on one (extended version)
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