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Here's some of the nice things folks are saying about us (obviously we can't post 'em all)................

TRACK: "One on One";

"I love Jim Ferrie's voice so I try to remix his song by keeping the same mood as well as the original"

Acidplanet.com DJ "Cabracerlus" on his contest remix of "One on One" (Illuminant Remix), Sept '07, which made the 'Acidplanet Top Ten'

"A unique determination of voice and delivery is performed well by the singer. A World/Pop song in a sense I suppose, this one cannot be labled so easily as it carries many cool sounds. A Reggae style rhythm and Peter Frampton lead guitar sound really brings down the roof and make this one of the most uniquely well done tunes I have heard in a while. Production is top notch".

- Scott Tingley, Broadjam artist, Sept. '07

TRACK: "Deal goin' down";

" 'Deal Goin' Down', that's "from the gut" rock n roll you can't wrap "classically trained"
around that! That's a great song. :)"

- David B. Davis, fan mail, Sept. '07

TRACK: "A friend in need";

"Great song! The bass kicks total ass! Everyone sounds like a studio ace".

- Falling Martins, Broadjam artists (band), Jan. '07

"Good fun, cheeky stuff. Good touch that sort Vegas/Elvis episode at the end. Good idea for a song and play on words. Someone had to think of that! Great party number to get 'em up on the dance floor, (which I'm sure it does), and leave a smile on everyone's faces. Cheers!"

- MaXiM, Broadjam artist, Oct. '06

"I dig the southern style. bassist sounds real strong. vocalist has a lot of vibe. cool guitar solo. piano solo is too!"

- Bill Leverty (of the band, Firehouse), Broadjam artist, Sep. '06

TRACK: "Alone, 3am";

"Nice mix of several genres. Lots of surprises in this music. Vocal is a mix between soothing and avant garde. Whoa--nice trumpet, just came on the scene. Lots going on--it almost take two listens"

- Marcia McCaslin, Broadjam Artist, Oct. '06

TRACK: "Babysittin' ";

"Great Song! Few times have I come across such an original song. You're a great storyteller. The arrangement is really simple which helps enhance the intimacy required for this song. The structure allows for the lyrics to confuse and surprise you until you end up crying (That is if you ever had a smaller person to take care of). The vocal is original and the timber is perfect for this kind of style. Guitars blend well together and allow the vocal and lyrics to shine. Good mix, everything is on the right place. definitely the best song I've heard so far at broadjam. Great Job!"

- Gerardo Rocha, multi-platinum Producer/Engineer, Aug. '07

TRACK: "Barometer (Summer Rain)";

"Nice changes - kinda Jobim, kinda Bacharach. The vocal harmonies are very pretty. The lyrics create a great romantic mood. Very nice sax solo"

- Nancy Rost, Broadjam artist, Dec. '06

"Unusual lyrics with a lilting melody -- interesting story told, quietly, subtley. Matter-of-fact vocal delivery is just right for this song"

- Z-Bop! (group), Broadjam Artist, Aug. '07

TRACK: "Blue & Scribbling";

"Sounds like zappa; lovely style changes; the doo-wop start is really nice; love all the different directions. ah -- now the zappa quote - got it. great."

- The Gomers (band), Broadjam artist, Sep. '06

TRACK: "Bombardier's Moon";

"Sounds great! Vocals are nice and clear as well as having a great timbre. Lyrics move away from common places and take you through uncharted territory without losing the romanticism of the song, very interesting work. Guitars are very well played and complete the vocals. Great job! Congratulations!"

- Gerardo Rocha, multi-platinum Producer/Engineer, Aug. '07

TRACK: "Double D";

"Great recording! really like the song, production, instrumentation . . .everything here sounds great to me! Super guitar work!"

- Bill Gaunce, Broadjam artist, Aug. '07

TRACK: "Let it go";

"Hooked from the very first bars. Brillant lyrics! Very good vocals. A Hit!"

- Denis Couture, Broadjam artist, Aug. '07

TRACK: "Jack-in-the-Box";

"Well written. Unique lyrics are a refreshing change."

-Pat Hatherly, Songwriter and Broadjam artist, Sep. '07

"Excellent song!!! I liked it a lot! Has kind of an addictive quality about it, like you just want to hear it again when it's over. Great lyrics and subject matter too. And well played by everyone..."

- Cameron Smith, Broadjam artist, Jan. '07

TRACK: "Love or the Lack";

"Driving guitar and lyrics and good hook. This song gets your attention and you keep the energy going. I'll bet this is a great crowd pleaser performed live."

- Koots (band), Broadjam artist, Dec. '06

TRACK: "Mary McGee";

"Great job on the lyrics. Personal, to the point, tells a story and paints a picture. Guitar is clear and keeps the song driving. Nice play on the bridge..beautiful chord change..would love to hear some more harmonies that will compliment the lead vocal..Patriotic song yes, but not one that we've heard a thousand times already so good job on the originality.. "

- Alyson Maine, Broadjam artist, Jul. '07

TRACK: "Oignons";

"I really liked this song because it was so different. Very original. Nice vocals and good lyrics. Guitar was nice too!"

- Julie Dregne, Broadjam artist, Mar. '07

"..dark cabaret story with humour, works for me! love the accordion. Dig the deep sound of the vocal."

- Unkljer, Broadjam artist, Dec. '06

TRACK: "Postcard from St. Tropez";

"Groovy ,almost tropical vibe. Nice vocals.Relaxed Jimmy Buffet or Cat Stevens feel. On the second listen your tune started to grow on me and I dug it the even more! Good stuff! "

-Regan Lane, Broadjam artist, Aug. '07

TRACK: "Skimmin' stones (down by the river)";

"Beautiful chords, fantastic voice, nice rough edge to it. Love this, great stuff."

- Lisa Cole, Broadjam artist, Aug. '07

A very eclectic song that envokes the beauty of nature and of a time that perhaps has already passed. Good Karma, excellent key change at chorus. Vocalist has a distinct and powerful tone with almost perfect pitch.

- Scott Tingley, Broadjam artist, Sept. '06

TRACK: "Take a leaf out of my book";

"This is GREAT!!! Really works. Very Stonesy and Bandsy. This is a smash in waiting, with a Billy-Rat (nope, I'll leave that) Cyrus achy-braky approach to the production..... "

-Alex Legg, Broadjam artist, Dec. '06

"The instrumentation here is great. I particularly like the honky-tonk piano accents; I'd love to hear more from this keyboardist. The arrangement is enjoyable. I like the old-fashioned backing vocals. The lyrics are fresh and catchy...."

- Nancy Rost, Broadjam artist, Feb. '07

TRACK: "Unconditional Surrender";

"Lovely instrumentation, and the harmonies are great. The recording for the instruments is excellent; even on my tiny computer speaker, it's possible to discern all the the separate instruments, which I always like."

- Jamie Ambrose, Broadjam artist, Aug '07

TRACK: "Wickedly Delicious";

"..really catchy tune! love the guitars and the melody. like how u started the song with the chorus! good background vocals. lead singer has a really unique, expressive voice. energizing! great work!"

- Sherry Lavelle, Broadjam artist, Nov. '06

"That's a cool song hook idea. Wickedly Delicious. This song is catchy. Some great beats by rhythm section..."

- BooJu, Broadjam artist, Dec. '06

"Superb! You have everything, the hook, the ideas, the Quality, Very smart the way you cut the regular beat, with a ¾ beat, with out take in off the commercial 4/4, any way’s It make me laugh because it’s has a very truth full picture, you can almost see the film thank you for the song, and keep the hard work, you will make it!"

- Uriel, Broadjam artist, Apr. '07

TRACK: "Your laughter and your smile";

"A nice ballad with some good chord progressions. Like the way the vocals are similar rhythmically to the piano. Both the vocals and piano playing are expressive."

- Andy King, Broadjam artist, Apr, '07
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