Studiodawgs Productions London is the creative playground of producer and multi-instrumentalist Jim Ferrie. The studio uses Ableton Live (and other DAW platforms), which is perfect for drones, tension cues and orchestral hybrids as well as electronic industrial and also for acoustic and band projects.

Studiodawgs also specialises in acoustic recording for the singer-songwriter and can offer the artist label services, session musician matching, album art and web design matching, full song recording and production and upload to streaming services.

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Shuffle'n'Swing - 2020 Remix for CD

Jun 12, 2020

When I listened to the Shuffle'n'Swing album a few times on a decent hi-fi sound system, I realised there were some nuances which I can remember from the sessions that weren't coming through in the mix. So I've just finished spending a full week remixing and mastering the album for CD. Time well spent. The balance and clarity, aided by some more 'scooping out' in the low-mid ranges and revised stereo panning, has improved and the nuances, particularly with the horns and vocals are better delivered. Everything sits up better in the mix overall and there is now more punch and dynamic as well. I was really excited and encouraged by the results when listening to the album while I was preparing the CD box artwork.

The remixed album is available for download from the website and songs can be downloaded as .FLAC or .mp3 files. The CD will be coming out soon for those who want own a physical product. If you want a CD, get in touch!

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Jimmy The Dog

Jimmy The Dog (the debut album)

All MP3's are 256kbps

Rock, Folk and Alt-Country inspired by the sounds of Tom Petty, Chris Isaak, Uncle Tupelo, Bruce Springsteen...even Pearl Jam. Stories of love won and lost, ranch life, personal aspirations,cowboys, desert, rattlesnakes, hoe-downs, lost love, the American Dream, hard work, determination, thankfulness. You get the picture!

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